Starting Men’s Ministries

A Game Plan for Starting

A Game Plan for Starting a Christian Men’s Ministry

Men’s ministry starts with a few good men who are committed to meet regularly to pray for the men in their church, to pray for a clear purpose and strategy, and to pray for unity among the men. This group becomes the core group.

One of the first tasks of the core group is to establish a mission statement. The things to be considered when determining a mission statement are the following:

  • Why do we exist as a ministry?
  • What is our purpose?
  • What results do we want to see happen?

When the direction is clear, the leadership can articulate it to others. We suggest that the pastor be requested to preach a two or three week series on men’s ministry or issues relevant to men, articulating the mission and purpose of the men’ s ministry. The series can conclude by having the men come to the front for a dedication service. In addition, the pastor could recruit men to come to a special event designed for men. For example:

  • The annual men’s convention/retreat
  • A sporting event
  • Father-son camp out or father-daughter banquet
  • A Men’s Prayer Breakfast
  • More ideas available HERE

Events like these serve as an excellent opportunity to introduce men to the mission of the men’s ministry and to offer them an opportunity to form a men’s small group.

A Count-Down for Establishing A Men’s Ministries

  1. Pray for a few men with whom you can meet.
  2. Pray for a clear purpose and strategy and for unity among the men of the church.
  3. Develop a mission statement (consult with the pastor).
  4. Ask the pastor to preach a series of sermons on issues relevant to men, introducing the men’s ministry, its mission, and purpose.
  5. Schedule a men’s ministry special event within 2-4 weeks of the Men’s Ministry Sabbath. Use the enthusiasm to start men’s small groups and to invite them to plan to attend an upcoming men’s convention/retreat.

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