A Game Plan for Starting

A Profile of the Men in your Church

Effective men’s ministries are tailored to fit the interests and needs of a specific group of men. They are not “canned” or replicated from another group simply because the other group was successful.

It is vital, then, to have insight into the attributes of the men of the church, to determine where they are spiritually and culturally. For example, men’s ministries in Miami, Florida, would build a different looking men’s ministry model than a men’s ministry in Knoxville, TN. So, who are the men in your church?

To find out, ask the following questions.

  1. What is the size of the church?
    1. 35-00
    2. 100-224
    3. 225-449
    4. 450-699
    5. 700+
  2. How many full-time staff pastors?
    1. 1-2
    2. 3-5
  3. Which of the following best describe your church? (circle all that apply)
    1. Evangelistic-oriented
    2. Traditional
    3. Progressive
    4. Nurturing/Caring Ministries
    5. Other
  4. What is the ethnic composition of the men? (Label with percentages if more than one is indicated.)
    1. African-American
    2. Anglo
    3. Asian-American
    4. Hispanic
    5. Native American
    6. Others
  5. What is the primary cultural composition of the men? (Label with percentages if more than one.)
    1. Blue-collar
    2. White-collar
  6. What is the average age of these men?

The Men’s Ministries curriculum includes ten modules written by men’s ministries professionals. Each 90-minute module can be used as a training event for local leadership.