Welcome to NAD Men's Ministries

We welcome you to become and be a part of this outreach and inreach. This site is dedicated to presenting information, materials and ideas about Men and Men’s Ministries in the North American Division.

Keep in touch with us and share your hopes, ideas, needs, programs and materials. All of us together are smarter and more capable than any one of us individually. Look, browse, comment, connect. Let’s build broader and deeper ministry by working together!

Our Mission

Galvanize the energy and resources of men for God, Family, Church and Community.

Our Vision

Men who love and have committed their energy and resources to God, Family, Church and Community.

Most Popular Articles

Activities for Men's Groups

Activities for Men’s Groups

How to give life to your men’s ministry: Ideas for Success Pray for guidance, and that the Lord will help you select a few good men to plan and…

Men's Toolbox

Men’s Toolbox

More resources for your ministry, links to related sites, etc.

A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men

By Willie Oliver The 1997 North American Division year-end meetings voted the following policy statement: “The Department of Family Ministries…

Starting Men's Ministries

Starting Men’s Ministries

So, you want to start a men’s ministry? Steps to Starting a Men’s Ministry brochure