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After the Fall, all relationships were infected with self-focused power struggles and all kinds of soul-destroying malfunctions which have contributed to a rise in unhealthy, hurting family systems. When families are spiritually and emotionally unhealthy, every member of the family suffers and there will be a greater likelihood of mental health issues the family experiences.

Often men today experience misperceptions regarding their roles as sons, husbands, fathers, friends and disciples of Christ; especially when they have not had emotionally or spiritually healthy, Christ-reflecting fathers or other positive male role models.

Additionally, an unprecedented assault upon God’s design of gender has resulted in Christianity being blamed for adhering to toxic masculinity. We believe this cultural misperception presents Christian men with an unprecedented opportunity to display the glory of God’s original design of self-sacrificing, service-focused manhood that condemns the toxic masculinity practices of aggression, violence and disrespect towards women and children.

As men examine the positive masculinity that Christ exemplified, they can envision healthier masculinity characterized by self-awareness, vulnerability, respect, non-violence, accountability, emotional expression, fair-mindedness and servant-leadership.

When men commit themselves to an authentic, transformative relationship with Jesus, they will experience His supernatural power which will help them break toxic, generational masculinity patterns and practices. They will be enabled to serve, love and empower their spouses, children and expanded spiritual family in their sphere of influence.

We invite you to join our NAD Family Ministries Department initiative Connect2Live, as we seek to empower men of all ages to connect to God’s healing and transforming love so they can be mission-focused men enabled to create and sustain healthy, loving relationships with God and others that will reflect the extravagant love Christ displays to His church.

Blessings and Victories in Jesus,

César De León – PhD, LMFT
Director of Men’s Ministries
North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Church

Our Mission

Galvanize the energy and resources of men for God, Family, Church and Community.

Our Vision

Men who love and have committed their energy and resources to God, Family, Church and Community.

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