A Game Plan for Starting

Developing a Mission Statement

It is necessary to develop a mission statement. This will give direction and purpose to men’s ministries in the church and will set the order of priorities. It will also provide a measure to evaluate from time to time to see if the goals are actually being met.

Here are some samples:

  •  Men’s Ministries unites men to become godly men, encouraging them to make promises that last a lifetime–to Jesus Christ, their families, and to one another.
  • Our mission is measured by the evidence of men discipling other men to live by the conviction that “A MAN’S MAN IS A GODLY MAN.”
  • Men on target to honor Jesus, love our families, and serve our churches and communities.
  • The threefold goal of the Men’s Fellowship Breakfast Group is
    • Getting together because of Christ
    • Growing together in Christ
    • Going forth to serve Christ
  • Our men’s ministry goals are
    • To walk with God and grow in my Christian life.
    • To be a pacesetter at home and at church.
    • To be consistently sharing the Gospel with the lost and unchurched.

Now develop your own mission statement, knowing that your target is men.

  1. What do you want to see happen among the men in your own life and among your men?

  2. How do you intend to accomplish this?

  3. How do you intend to measure the results?

  4. Now combine the two or three elements into one clear short sentence.


The Men’s Ministries curriculum includes ten modules written by men’s ministries professionals. Each 90-minute module can be used as a training event for local leadership.