Men’s Toolbox

Recommended Books

  • We Are Driven, by Dr. Robert Hemfelt, Dr. Frank Minirth, Dr. Paul Meier, Thomas Nelson Publ., 1991.
    The compulsive behaviors America applauds. Discover freedom from the need to DO more and BE more. When drivenness becomes harmful the authors refer to it as compulsiveness–the mistaken notion that the mastery of your body, performance, and/or physical environment is the only source of personal satisfaction and the only answer to your deepest emotional hungers. Learn how to prevent positive behaviors from becoming addictions.
  • The New Male Sexuality, by Bernie Zilbergeld, PhD., Bantam Books, 1992
    Written simply, clearly, and with humor. The author of Male Sexuality has updated his classic work and the subtitle reveals the premise: “The truth about men, sex, and pleasure.” Readers should be aware that this book is not written from a Christian perspective. It is written in a straightforward manner and pulls no punches. If you are easily offended by opinions not reflected in the Christian community–this book is not for you.
  • Temptations Men Face, Tom L. Eisenman, InterVarsity Press, 1990.
    Straightforward talk on money, affairs, perfectionism and insensitivity. How do men experience common temptations and what can be done about them? Insights into a man’s perspective on these and other tough issues. Eisenman discusses the difficulties he and others have had in avoiding common stumbling blocks in the Christian walk.
  • The Sexual Man, Dr. Archibald D. Hart, Word Publ., 1994.
    Based on nationwide research, this groundbreaking report refutes the current myths surrounding male sexuality and offers a sane view of what it means to be male, sexual and normal. Covers such topics as love and lust; pornography; fantasy and masturbation; sex and religion; sex and the workplace; etc.
  • Then Men Think Private Thoughts, Gordon McDonald, Thomas Nelson
    If you have ever questioned your personal value, wondered how God can use you better, tried to evaluate your success as father or husband, this book will encourage you. McDonald, with almost painful honesty, shows how to peel away your selfishness and see what God is eager to do in you.
  • 600 Minutes With God, Dick Duerksen/Ray Dabrowski, eds, AdvenTalk Media
    200 (3-minute) devotionals written by Christian men FOR Christian men. Personal, direct, humorous and pointed. Each page will challenge you in your personal Christian growth.
  • The Message, Eugene Peterson, NavPress
    You have never heard the Bible sound so meaningful. In Peterson’s translation the “old” words take on a whole new life. You will especially love Psalm 51, Romans 12, Romans 5, Luke 15, and more.
  • Leap Over A Wall, Eugene Peterson, Harper San Francisco.
    Through the story of David, Peterson suggests new and powerful possibilities for how you can live as God’s best friend today.
  • Wounding Their Spirit, Jim Hohnberger
    Every day, well-meaning Christians wound the spirits of the ones they care about most with hurtful comments, incessant nagging, and disparaging nonverbal gestures. Little by little, walls are built until we suddenly realize they seem insurmountable. How can one recognize when he is wounding the spirit of another and stop; and more importantly, how can the wound be healed? In this important booklet, find solutions for an age-old problem behind closed doors.
  • How Can a Man Control His Thoughts, Desires, and Passions? by Bob Vereen; Softcover – 106 pages -WaterBrook Press.
    Just 40 minutes makes a difference — 40-Minute Bible Studies without homework! (6 -week study) Pornography today is rampant. Men are constantly being exposed to partially dressed women, lovemaking scenes, and stimulating conversations. All of these fuel the fire of a man’s passions and desires, leading his thoughts to a fantasy world of illicit sexual activity. Can he be victorious over such temptations? Learn God’s plan for abstaining from sexual immorality, physically and mentally.
  • Men’s Ministry In The 21st Century: The Encyclopedia Of Practical Ideas Group Publishing
  • Men of Power By Jim Hohnberger
  • A Place for Us Guys By Charles Burkeen
  • The Search For Significance By Robert S. McGee
  • First Class Male: The Christian Man’s Role in Today’s World By Len McMillan & Marvin Wray


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