A Game Plan for Starting

Applying the Eleven Needs

Applying the Eleven Needs in Program Planning

Discuss how each of these needs will impact the design of your men’s ministry program.

  1. Men need action
  2. Men need safety
  3. Men need to be challenged
  4. Men need to get to the point
  5. Men need to win
  6. Men need to dream
  7. Men need other men like them
  8. Men need help working around work time
  9. Men need healing
  10. Men need freedom
  11. Men need to identify

As you brainstorm, ask the following questions:

  • How is this manifested in men?
  • How does that impact the men’s ministry you plan?
  • How has the ecumenical movement of recent years impacted the mind-set of Adventist men in respect to the world­view and mission of the Seventh­-day Adventist Church?
  • As Adventist men reach out to fellowship with men of other faiths and traditions what steps can be taken to maintain their sense of belonging to the SDA community?

The Men’s Ministries curriculum includes ten modules written by men’s ministries professionals. Each 90-minute module can be used as a training event for local leadership.