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The following books are highly recommended:

English Language Books

Buy it now     Every day, well-meaning Christians wound the spirits of the ones they care about most with hurtful comments, incessant nagging, and disparaging nonverbal gestures. Little by little, walls are built until we suddenly realize they seem insurmountable. How can one recognize when he is wounding the spirit of another and stop; and more importantly, how can the wound be healed? In this important booklet, find solutions for an age-old problem behind closed doors. 
Buy it now   Just 40 minutes makes a difference -- 40-Minute Bible Studies without homework!. . .How Can a Man Control His Thoughts, Desires, and Passions? - by Bob Vereen - (6 -week study) - Pornography today is rampant. Men are constantly being exposed to partially dressed women, lovemaking scenes, and stimulating conversations. All of these fuel the fire of a man's passions and desires, leading his thoughts to a fantasy world of illicit sexual activity. Can he be victorious over such temptations? Learn God's plan for abstaining from sexual immorality, physically and mentally. Softcover - 106 pages -WaterBrook Press.


  Men's Ministry in the 21st Century
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  Men of Power
By Jim Hohnberger
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Spanish Language Books

Cover of Men's Ministry book


Los 7 Secretos de Padres Eficaces
By Ken Canfield
Cover of Men' of Power book Las Siete Proesas de Un Cumplidor de su Palabra

  A Place for Us Guys
By Charles Burkeen
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  The Search For Significance
By Robert S. McGee
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  First Class Male: The Christian Man's Role in Today's World
By Len McMillan & Marvin Wray
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