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Background Information

1. Age __ 18-24 __ 25-29 __ 30-39 __ 40-49 __ 50-64 __65 +
2. Marital Status: Single ___ Married ___ Number of Children ___
3. Type of work _______________________________________
4. Which of these issues are most important to you? (Check two most important)
a. __ Finding a Job
b. __ Relationship to wife
c. __ Job security
d. __ Male roles and identity
e. __ Balancing work, home and ministry
f. __ Parenting Skills
g. __ Retirement
h. __ Reaching other men
I. __ Spiritual Life


A Man and his Family

5. Would you be interested in a monthly meeting on family issues?
(Parenting, relationship to wife, etc.) __Yes __No
6. When would be the best time for you to attend that meeting?
a. __ Sabbath afternoon
b. __ Week night
c. __ Sunday night
d. __ Sunday Morning
Another time? ______________________
7. What topics would you like to see addressed? (check two)
a. __ Keeping the romance alive in your marriage
b. __ Disciplining your children
c. __ Surviving the teenage years.
d. __ Being the spiritual leader at home
e. __ Handling conflict
f. __ Communicating with your wife
g. __ Other ____________________________________


Men in the Marketplace

8. How can we best help you integrate your Christian faith into your job?
a. __ Monthly meeting with a speaker
b. __ Weekly small group meeting to discuss the issues
c. __ Monthly small group meeting to discuss the issues
d. __ 3-5 week seminar on ethics, relationships on the job, etc.
9. Best time for these small groups or seminars:
a. __ Weekday morning
b. __ Weekday evening
c. __ Sabbath afternoon
d. __ Sunday evening
10. Topics I would like to hear addressed: (check top 3)
a. __ Handling stress
b. __ Changing careers
c. __ Relationships on the job
d. __ Sharing your faith with work associates
e. __ Balancing home, work and ministry
f. __ Keeping your ethic/edge sharp
g. __ Coping with failure
h. __ Mentoring
I. __ Planning retirement
j. __ Resisting sexual temptations
k. __ Avoiding the success obsession


Men and the Word

11. Would a short-term mission trip be of interest to you? __ Yes __ No
12. What type of short-term missions trip would interest you the most?
a. __ Construction project
b. __ Business trip
c. __ Medical trip
Adventist Men's Ministry Survey, Page 3
13. What would be a good length of stay for such a trip?
a. __ Weekend
b. __ 1 week
c. __ 2 weeks
d. __ 3 weeks
e. __ One month or more



14. If we would begin to have retreats as part of the ministry, would
you be interested? __Yes __No
15. What type of retreat would interest you most?
a. __ Teaching type
b. __ Adventurous type (canoeing, camping, fishing, etc.)
e. __ Spiritual and personal renewal
d. __ Networking with other men
16. And the length of the retreat?
a. __ One night b.__ Two nights
17. How far would you be willing to travel for a retreat?
a. __ 30 minutes
b. __ 1 hour
c. __ 2 hours
d. __ 3 hours
e. __ More than 3 hours


Man to Man

18. Are you currently attending a men's Bible study group? __ Yes __ No
19. If you are not in a group, would you be interested in attending a men's small group?
__ No
20. What would you like to see happen in that group? (Check two)
a. __ Study the Bible
b. __ Talk about problems at home and work
c. __ Pray for one another
d. __ Discuss how you integrate your Christian faith and your work
and family life
21. Which would you prefer for meeting?
a. __ Every week for one hour
b. __ Once a month for three hours
c. __ Every other week
22. When would you prefer the meeting?
a. __ Early morning before work
b. __ After work in the evening
c. __ Lunch hour
d. __ Over the weekend


Men's Conference

23. What type of seminars would you like to see at the Men's Conference? (Check three)
a. __ Parenting
b. __ Masculinity
c. __ Relationship to wife
d. __ Work ethics
e. __ Changing jobs
f. __ Dealing with retirement
g. __ Balancing work, home and ministry
h. __ Finances
I. __ Evangelism
j. __ Growing as a Christian
k. __ Other
24. If yes, what are your areas of potential interest?
a. __ Publicity
b. __ Organize events (retreats, golf outings, etc.)
c. __ Work in the kitchen
d. __ Lead small group
e. __ Do telephoning
f. __ Work with work projects
g. __ Marketplace Ministries
25. What do you or would you personally like to accomplish through your
involvement in Men's Ministry? (Check two)
a. __ A closer walk with God
b. __ Fellowship with other Christian men
c. __ An outlet to vent problems or frustrations
d. __ More involvement in the church
e. __ A chance to meet other men
f. __ Other (please specify)______________________________
26. When the entire men's program is determined, I would like someone
to contact me so I can become more involved or receive more information.
__ Yes
If yes, Name ____________________________________________________
Phone # Days ___________________________________________________
City _____________________________________________ Zip __________
Please list additional comments about the Men's Ministry you may have in the space below.
You may optionally include your name, mailing address and telephone number.
Thank you very much for completing this survey.